Ongoing Projects

Purpose Education through Global Education in K-12 Classrooms

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Physical Barrier as Stength

In this project, we are focusing on helping individuals reinterpret what could be challenging as opportunities for growth and identity exploration. In South Korea, people who are blind or partially-sighted are extremely underrepresented in every domain. Going beyond attributing the cause to practical barriers, we explore how the link between one’s sense of competence, interest and identity is related to this problem. For the past 15 years through multiple partnerships, we developed photography programs aimed at helping blind and partially-sighted individuals reinterpret their physical barrier as a strength and explore their identity. To systemically examine the effect of our programs, we have partnered with special education teachers in Korea, professional photographers and Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture (IFAC). Through this partnership, we will examine how our programs influence individuals’ identity development, and how identity development further influence their motivational outcomes (e.g., interest, mindsets and career intention).