Latent Image (IMG) refers to the invisible image created on a photographic film when the film is exposed to light. To make this image visible, the film must develop in a lightproof darkroom. One’s life purpose is like a latent image: It needs time and specific conditions to become visible. Latent IMG’s work centers around this idea that one’s purpose might be already near him/her but just not yet visible for multiple reasons.

We focus on the fact that the process of unlocking one’s potential and purpose requires a better understanding of oneself both as a separate self and as an individual in a context. Therefore, we are dedicated to help individuals successfully develop their unique latent image, or purpose, by helping them explore their self and social identities. We believe that this process will serve as a foundation for individuals to set goals that allow them reach their full potential and persist to achieve those goals.

Our Identity

Latent IMG = Latent Identity + Motivation + Goal

This symbolizes that goals and motivation are built around one’s identity. Furthermore, this presents our belief that a goal is not just the end-product but also can be the foundation of motivation.

Our Vision​

Latent IMG envisions a world where everyone reaches their full potential and passionately pursues their purpose by understanding their latent IMG.

Our Goals

We help people to explore their identity to understand who they are and what they value.

We support people setting goals that manifest their value and their full potentials while living a purposeful life.

We support people developing and sustaining their motivation until they reach thier goals.

We learn how to bridge basic and applied research in psychology.

We aim to collaborate with members of different disciplines and communities to best meet our goals.

Our Partners & Sponsors